What does above mentioned price do include?
When arrival, airport charges and expressway tolls.
When departure, expressway tolls.


Price per person or per vehicle?
Price per vehicle.


Is this Air Conditioned vehicle?
All above mentioned and our all vehicles Air Conditioned.


Is that best price?
To save your and our time above quoted rates are our BSET RATE.


How we know booking is confirmed?
You will receive mail like this "Your booking is confirmed..." with details of booking.


When airport arrival where to find driver?
Our chauffer will wait with your name board at arrival hall when booking is CONFIRMED.
When departure he will wait at lobby of your hotel.


Driver speaks English?
All our chauffer do speak English/ Non smoking inside vehicle/ Polite and Vehicles is clean.


When we will make payment?
Make how you like! But make sure you pay us.


What is the payment mode?
We prefer LKR but you can make equal amount of US$, Euro, GBP. 
(When you pay foreign currency - rate is central bank daily buying rate, and if change, we can give only in LKR.)